Polish patient organisations have become involved in helping patients arriving from Ukraine as a result of the war.

In order to meet the needs of organisations to be able to help Ukrainian patients more effectively, we have created a place, a catalogue collecting information about aid activities, on the PACJENCI.PRO communication platform.

PATIENT! We hope that the information gathered here will help you find the contact details of the relevant patient organisation in Poland.

ORGANISATION! If you would like to make it easier for patients from Ukraine or other organisations to get information on what help you provide, please complete the form below.

We encourage all patients organizations to join the initiative and share information about their support on their own, as well as to spread awareness of the website.

This will allow us to reach a larger group of Ukrainian patients and expand the list of organizations in the database of aid activities. A leaflet that everyone can download and print on their own will help spread the word about the existence of the website.

Leaflet in Polish – for online use

Leaflet in Ukrainian – for online use

Leaflet to print at home

Leaflet to professional print

You want to know more? Here you will find verified and reliable information:

Latest news for refugees and persons offering aid – Help Ukraine website

Medical assistance for Ukrainian citizens – Ministry of Health website

Information for Ukrainian citizens – Patient Ombudsman website

Information for Ukrainian citizens – Website of the Chancellery of the Prime Minister

Information for Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) –  Committee for Public Benefit